Sermons from January 2015

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Fresh Encounter


God is totally other, totally out of our league — the infinite, transcendent Creator — and yet He came courting us in the person of Jesus Christ, knocking at our door, wooing and calling us. He took the initiative and entered into a covenant relationship, betrothed us to Himself, paying the ultimate dowry (His sacrificial death). What is our response? Too often such love is met with indifference and distraction. Matthew 22:34-40 is the appropriate response, calling us back to God as first love, inviting us into a renewed relationship, a fresh encounter with Him!

Scripture reference: Matthew 22:34-40

When GOD Calls TIME


One of these days God is going to call time. As the old hymn says, “The trumpet of the Lord shall sound and time will be no more.” Time as we now know it will cease to exist. The God who created time, worked in time, and sent His Son in the fullness of time will say, “Time’s up, that’s it, no more time.” So, in view of this, the will of God for us in the meantime is to redeem the time, or, as this message explains, to trade time in for better time.

Scripture reference: Ephesians 5:15-18