Sermons from May 2015

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Selfless Devotion to Christ

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The story of Mary of Bethany is a lesson in complete surrender and selfless devotion to Christ. Jesus said of Mary, “She did what she could!” Mary did what she did because she had a perception of Christ that even the apostles at this point lacked. She knew that He was worthy of extravagant love. She gained this knowledge of Christ by sitting at His feet. When Jesus is your treasure, you will spend your life in selfless devotion to Him.

Scripture reference: John 12:1-11; Matthew 26:6-13

Don’t Let Busyness Crowd Out the Essential

Busyness - Times Square

The story of Mary and Martha has much to teach us. How like Martha most of us are. We work hard to serve the Lord, and what we do for the Lord is absolutely necessary, but wouldn’t it make our service for Him easier and more fruitful if we put first things first? If we aren’t careful, busyness will crowd out that essential time we need with the Lord. Even good things, like serving the Lord, can wrongly crowd out the necessary thing.

Scripture reference: Luke 10:38-42

Standing Alone

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Rahab is the story of faith in conversion and faith in action thereafter. Her faith received the attention of God and placed her in the Hebrews 11 “Roll Call of Faith.” She stood alone in her faith at great personal risk, and this stand has much to teach us by example.

Scripture reference: Joshua 2

Choose You This Day


Our society is on the verge of a major cultural shift. The trending of our society is increasingly drawing Christians out of the shadows, forcing us into the open, pressing us to state our positions on an array of current issues. One author calls this point in our nation’s history our “Bonhoeffer moment.” Silence is not an option. This is where Joshua and the people of his generation were. Joshua still speaks, calling us today to choose Christ and to do so openly and unapologetically.

Scripture reference: Joshua 24