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My God is Yahweh, Part II: Prayer – A World Changer

My God is YAHWEH

Today’s parallels to Elijah’s day are striking! What is so desperately needed in our day today are men and women who, like Elijah, can have and Elijah-like impact on this society. Elijah was used by God in his day to turn the hearts of the people back to God. In the New Testament book that bears his name, James is careful to note that Elijah was a man, a human being, with a nature just like us. So what was it that enabled him to be so used of God in his day of spiritual and moral decline? It was his prayer life!

Scripture reference: 1 Kings 18:1-46

Living With No Regrets

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In this passage Paul gives a remarkable description of his life. Looking back over his life, he offers a description few could boast. In essence, he says, “No regrets!” This message examines what it looks like for a Christian to live with no regrets, or, at least as few as possible. Everyone’s life is being poured out into something. What is your life being poured out into?

Scripture reference: 2 Timothy 4:6-8

Selfless Devotion to Christ

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The story of Mary of Bethany is a lesson in complete surrender and selfless devotion to Christ. Jesus said of Mary, “She did what she could!” Mary did what she did because she had a perception of Christ that even the apostles at this point lacked. She knew that He was worthy of extravagant love. She gained this knowledge of Christ by sitting at His feet. When Jesus is your treasure, you will spend your life in selfless devotion to Him.

Scripture reference: John 12:1-11; Matthew 26:6-13