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Don’t Let Busyness Crowd Out the Essential

Busyness - Times Square

The story of Mary and Martha has much to teach us. How like Martha most of us are. We work hard to serve the Lord, and what we do for the Lord is absolutely necessary, but wouldn’t it make our service for Him easier and more fruitful if we put first things first? If we aren’t careful, busyness will crowd out that essential time we need with the Lord. Even good things, like serving the Lord, can wrongly crowd out the necessary thing.

Scripture reference: Luke 10:38-42

Choose You This Day


Our society is on the verge of a major cultural shift. The trending of our society is increasingly drawing Christians out of the shadows, forcing us into the open, pressing us to state our positions on an array of current issues. One author calls this point in our nation’s history our “Bonhoeffer moment.” Silence is not an option. This is where Joshua and the people of his generation were. Joshua still speaks, calling us today to choose Christ and to do so openly and unapologetically.

Scripture reference: Joshua 24

Fresh Encounter


God is totally other, totally out of our league — the infinite, transcendent Creator — and yet He came courting us in the person of Jesus Christ, knocking at our door, wooing and calling us. He took the initiative and entered into a covenant relationship, betrothed us to Himself, paying the ultimate dowry (His sacrificial death). What is our response? Too often such love is met with indifference and distraction. Matthew 22:34-40 is the appropriate response, calling us back to God as first love, inviting us into a renewed relationship, a fresh encounter with Him!

Scripture reference: Matthew 22:34-40

How Will They Hear?

When it comes to evangelism, the church has a program for everything. The only problem is that nowhere in Scripture do we find a church program, instead we find individual Christians speaking the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are lost, exhorting them to repent and believe. God has chosen to use his people to spread the message of how we can be reconciled to God.