Blessed Assurance
June 2016
©creationswap–Faith or Works, by Alexis St. Clair

Family Matters
May 2016
©creationswap–Love, Serve, Reach and Teach, by JP Zapata

Don’t Get Caught Sleeping – Part 2
May 2016
Don’t Get Caught Sleeping – Part 1
May 2016
©creationswap–Awaken, by Justin Goodson

Dying Hope
March 2016
©canstockphoto –A heart rate monitor with a Christian cross symbol, by kevron2001 – 141258

Here Comes The Groom
March 2016
©creationswap–Caught up in the clouds, by Brenton Little

Good Friday / Easter Sunday Banner (Home Page)
March 2016
©creationswap The Third Day – Luis Rivera

Keep Your Eye On The Sky
March 6, 2016
center photo ©canstockphoto — 0119903 by wekiwis

The Believer’s Confidence and Hope When Facing Death
January 24, 2016
©canstockphoto – Clouds forming the shape of a cross, by kevron2001

Living Life with an Eternal Perspective
July 26, 2015
©creationswap: Your Kingdom Come, by Becky Martin

A Story of Grace
July 19, 2015
©creationswap: Grace Gods Unmerited Favor, by Luis Rivera

My God is Yahweh, Part II: Prayer – A World Changer
July 5, 2015
My God is Yahweh, Part I
June 28, 2015
Lion photo ©canstockphoto — Close up of Male Lion, B&W, by holstphoto

Living With No Regrets
June 7, 2015
Background blue texture ©creationswap: Flourish Notes Slide 2 by Joshua Lenon

Selfless Devotion to Christ
May 31, 2015
©canstockphoto — Christian child praying a prayer outdoors at bible camp, by mandygodbehear

Don’t Let Busyness Crowd Out the Essential
May 24, 2015
©canstockphoto — Times Square 337, dbriyul

Standing Alone
May 10, 2015
Collage of the following photos:
©canstockphoto – old ancient stone wall by Pepiccino
©canstockphoto – ship rope with knot by seregam

Choose You This Day
May 3, 2015
©creationswap: Downcast by Boaz Crawford

Dare to Be a Daniel
April 26, 2015
©creationswap: Daniel by Rob Gros

Fresh Encounter
January 11, 2015
Photo©Unsplash (Crew): John French

When GOD Calls TIME
January 4, 2015
©creationswap: Time Hourglass by Kevin Carden

Once and For All
November 9, 2014
©creationswap: It’s About the Blood “Photem” by John Odziemek

How Will They Hear?
June 8, 2014
©creationswap: don’t-go-to-church by John Emery

What’s In a Name?
June 1, 2014
Graphic concept inspired by ©creationswap: Jesus by Mary B.

Doing Missions the Antioch Way
May 18, 2014
portion of map published by Cokesbury Press, ©1910 by Smith and Lamar. The Roman Empire Showing the Journeys of Paul [map]. In:  William Dallmann.  Paul. St. Louis, Mo.: Concordia Publishing House, ©1929, p. 354a (insert).

Mother’s Day 2014
May 11, 2014
©creationswap: Mother’s Day by Becky Martin

The Great Divide
May 4, 2014
©creationswap: Pink Mountain by David Sunnock

Growing Up In Christ
April 27, 2014
©creationswap: WORD-GROW by Matthew Bigwood

Good Friday – Christ Died For Us
April 18, 2014
©creationswap: Good Friday – Romans 5:8 by Chris Vasquez

An Appointment to Keep
April 13, 2014
©creationswap: Cross on a Hill by Dave Shrein

He Took My Place
April 6, 2014
©creationswap: Set Free by Mark Lauman

All You Need Is Love
March 30, 2014
©creationswap: So Much More by Silas Nelson

A Real Present Hope
March 23, 2014
©creationswap: Hope by Charise Orozco

Praise Him in the Storm – Part 8
March 16, 2014
Praise Him in the Storm – Part 3
February 9, 2014
Praise Him in the Storm – Part 2
February 2, 2014
Praise Him in the Storm – Part 1
January 26, 2014
©creationswap:  Praise Him in the Storm by Daniel Sauceda